Miscellaneous Projects

Pierre Bonte and Michel Izard’s Ethnology and Anthropology Dictionary


The High Arab Intitute for Translation partenered  with Al-Majd institution for the translation and publication of Pierre Bonte and Michel Izard’s Ethnology and Anthropology Dictionary in Beirut 2006. In addition, HAIT translation several books in collaboration with the Arab Organization For Translation.

The Institute also took care of the translation of  Cash flow control  by Brian Coyle and Confronting shadow education  by Mark Bray for UNESCO’s International Institute for Educational Planning, and Histoire illustrée du cinéma muet by  René Jeanne et Charlés Ford.

Moreover, its services were sollicitated by the League of Arab States in translating several documents as well as several publications, reports, studies and periodics for private and public institutions, diplomatic bodies and govermental divisions, such as the National School of Political Science, the National School of Magistracy, the National Council for Social and Economic development, the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a number of Arab and Western Embassies here in Algeria.

In additiion to translating websites and providing interpretation services for a number of regional and international conferences…


Arab-Chinese Translation Project


This is one of several big cooperative projects launched by the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum. This forum recommended signing a memorandum of understanding between the General Secretariat of the Arab league and the Prople’s Republic of China’s Media and Publishing General Authority to determine the ways and procedures of implementing a “civilisational project” of translating a number of  books from Arabic into English and vice versa. The High Arab Institute for Translation was selected as the representative and the coordinator of the Arab side. It worked with the Chinese side on implementing the project by determining the parties responsible for financing and selecting the first five books to be translated from both sides, then contacted translaters and negotiated the contracts and conditions. We’re happy to report that the fruits of this project will see the light of day in the next few weeks.


Scientific Books Translation Project


It is no secret that the importance of scientific translation is growing day by day thanks to the explosion of knwoledge we are witnessing and the advent of the big data age. And this is especially true for the Arab World seeing as we are -essentially- recipients of scientific knowledge rather than producers. A situation that contrasts fundamentally with the severe shortage we are experiencing in the translation field in general, and scientific translation in particular, as confirmed by the Arab Human Development reports since 2011.