Updating Translation Curriculum in Algeria. What and how

Dr. Djamel GOUI.
Senior Lecturer (A)-
University Kasdi Merbah of Ouargla.
Official Sworn Translator Interpreter- HME


Translation is now to be considered an individual personal urgent need rather than a collective as it is or it surely was. The world nowadays is claiming changes daily even on the routine tasks and one can no longer now qualify translation as an urgent mere practice, however; a whole life vehicle, as the world is being recently rendered into a multinational, multilingual and notably multicultural arena where the need to translation is persisting and claimed being  individual and not merely collective as before i-e needed by each person to cope with the daily life routine and not globally just by countries or nations, for successful communication as used to be .

Algeria, that Northern- African gate country, though not technically a multicultural and  multilingual so far apart from oil and gas exploitation zones, should ,in the near future, witness- as tending opening its economy and communicative space to the world- a personal need to translation in addition to the global collective one already in place. This world need and particularly as subject here Algerian need to translation should ineluctably be given its requirements to claim then meeting and fulfilling the targeted objectives, the step that starts of course at the academic level; translation training at university level, which is to be revisited and rethought to assess its ability to meet the prevailing outstanding global currents needs or the opposite.